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  • Andre D.

The Reality of the System

Today is 7/19/20 and the recent news and updates is around the use of Federal agencies and troops and combat against the protesters in Portland. There is an almost shock response from most people appalled at what they are seeing and reading. What they don't know is that this is the reality of the system and government and that we as a society actually have the perception that we are free. The only freedoms we have are as long as we play along in the system and do what we are told and do not rock the boat. The government has the ability to control, take, and do what they want and that is what we are seeing in Portland. I've seen this first hand from being in the military is that the government can and will do what they want as we really are not free like we think we are. I think as long as we depend and expect the system to be perfect we will thoroughly be disappointed as it is not designed to be fair, equal, or be equitable for all. The only way to succeed in the system is to have a financial advantage. Thanks for reading today's food for thought.

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