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Highwaysoul Productions and Music was founded in 2003 by Andre DeVito, as a Production Company and Record Label and working with local artists to assist with them in achieving their dreams.  Since then Highwaysoul Music has expanded into many ventures including Concert Production, Booking, Band Management, Consulting, Promotion, Web Design, Publishing, Artwork Design for Flyers and CD Covers, as well as Audio Engineering and Production, a recording label, and a recording studio.  


Some of the various artists Highwaysoul Music has worked with in the past or is currently working with-  Andre DeVito, John Paul Jude, Coto Pincheira, Martin Revolo, Pellejo Seco, Fred "Freddy Boy" Larsen, Leo DeVito & Joseph DeVito, Susan James & Thrilltrain

Artists and Productions

Andre DeVito

Producer, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Writer, and Philosopher

Andre is a soulful vocalist, talented guitarist, prolific songwriter, and talent of today's artist's.   His love for pure music comes out in his electric performances, where he ALWAYS gives 110% percent and puts on a show. 

One of Andre's Philosophy of life-   "Live life, Don't let life live you!"

CD Releases- 


Leo DeVito

Piano and Vocalist

Incorporating a dynamic piano sound, Leo is an accomplished solo pianist and has also worked and recorded with many SF Bay Area jazz and blues groups. 



John Paul Jude

Multi-talented instrumentalist, vocalist, and writer

The Singer/songwriter extraordinaire has already released 2 albums with Highwaysoul Music and will be releasing a third this summer.  John Paul is a well versed multi-instrumentalist, producer, engineer, and lyricist. 

Argument for the Sake of CD-


Martin Revolo "Shulka"

Artist, Photographer, Producer, Songwriter, Musician, and Visionary

Martin is a man of many talents and passions.   Martin is actively showcasing his own artwork, has produced various music and videos, and has lead and performed with a progressive Latin-group here in the SF Bay Area.   Martin directed and produced the video for “ County Blues ” for the CD "Colors of Truth".  For more info on Martin and his art & music please view his website here-

Photography and Videography Site-


Coto Pincheira

World-Class Pianist

From the coast of South America to the coast of El Caribe and now to the Coast of The San Francisco Bay Area, Chilean born pianist Julio "Coto" Pincheira is one of the most sought after and well-respected musicians on the Bay Area Jazz scene. Coto is an internationally experienced pianist and musical leader with over 20 years of education and experience, playing a variety of musical styles which include but are not limited to; Classical, Jazz, AfroCuban Jazz, Cuban Salsa, To Pop Music. Coto is on the forefront of a new sound bringing an Electro-Acoustic sound to Latin Jazz.

Coto's Website-  


Pellejo Seco

Premier Cuban Son

This group has established itself as one of the premiere groups in the Bay Area! With their eclectic mix of original music fusing Cuban Son, Jazz, Flamenco, Brazilian, Afro-Cuban, and even blues, they are on the cutting edge of a movement with their raw pure essence of the music. Performing in venues like Yoshi's, The Brava Theatre, and now the Palace of Fine Arts, they connect to audiences on a level rarely seen and their shows have become legendary.  For more info-  

Band Site-

Universal Highwaysoul Label 2.jpg

Fred “Freddy Boy” Larsen

Vocals, Harmonica, Bass

Mr. Freddy Boy is a well versed bass and harmonica player that explodes when he hits the stage!  This guy blows the place up every time he touches the mic!! Get Ready for Freddy Boy!!

Previous Historical Production
Highwaysoul Music Presents
Ritmo en El Palacio! "Rhythm at The Palace!"  
Pellejo Seco & Coto Pincheira
August 25th, 2007- 8pm
The Palace of Fine Arts Theatre, 3301 Lyon St. at Bay
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