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  • Andre D.

Friends and Our Lives

Every 10 years or so we go through a refreshment of our friends and it seems many of the friends we were close to 10 years ago, we are not as close to now. While we will always love them and cherish the great moments we had, it’s just the way of the world and people drift apart. It’s ok, life happens. In fact in this process we end up finding new friends and trying new groups that stimulate our current being. In many cases when we move away or start a new path in life this is part of the reality that we are forced to make new friends. No matter what, we'll always have these friends with us in our hearts and it’s a reminder of a period of time in our lives. As a musician I’ve played with hundreds of other musicians and developed some great friendships along the way. I am proud of the memories and the music and art that we created together and we’re connected in that moment of time in life. Also notice how many friends from elementary and middle school we stay in contact with. Very few, but Facebook has allowed us the ability to research and even find some of these former colleagues and classmates. It’s interesting to see the paths we all took in life and recognize that when we were kids we felt like we were going to be together forever. We had no clue the challenges and fight that our lives would take as we pursue our dreams and it’s nice to have these tools today to stay connected. Lately I’ve been trying to make the effort to reach out to old friends and text them or even call them out of the blue. In fact when I have called people out of the blue it was a fun conversation and catch up and remembrance of the fundamentals of human connection. Try it sometime, you might be pleasantly surprised! Your Friend, Andre

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