The other day my gas and fuel door release switch in my Honda Civic ceased to work and thus I had no choice but to replace it since I could no longer open my gas tank door. I did some preliminary research and was able to locate some information and videos about reinstalling the wire and switch and determined I'd give it a shot to order and try it myself. So I began and went to work on opening up much of the floor and side carpet panels and also removing the rear seats and opening the trunk inside panels to get to the fuel input pipe on the side of the car. The video made it sound so easy and you just turn the switch some and out it pops. LOL That did not happen, and in fact I began to pry and yank the wire every which way in an effort to pry or pop it out. Nothing seemed to work and after breaking off half the switch was left perplexed. I noticed there was an extra piece holding the switch in place in the fuel door panel and nothing I could do would pry it loose. I was done, and tired and was ready to give up. But I started thinking to take a step back and try to do some more research. I then found a schematics and Honda service manual of my year and model and it that showed that my Civic had an extra component installed, and the only way to remove that extra piece in the fuel door was to remove the rear wheel and inside panel to take it out from the inside. I said screw it, lets do this, and pushed on. I had my boy come help me, so he could learn about working on cars and within minutes we had removed the piece and had the new switch installed.

It took a couple adjustments to get it right, but finally after 4 hours and a lot of headaches, we were finally able to get it installed and working properly. So my cost was only $30 for the part, but a gain of great knowledge and experience from getting my hands dirty and learning something new. Even though I could've easily given up, I pushed on through and kept going, and in life sometimes we've got to do that to get where we want to get.

That Brief moment-Photograph- Andre DeVito

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“When you’ve had too many, have 2 more just to be on the safe side!” Johnny T. Nitro

"Keep drinking triples till you're seeing double, feeling single and getting in trouble." Johnny T. Nitro It's been 10 years since my good friend and musical mentor Johnny Nitro passed in Feb. 2011. Time flies fast and our paths weave in and out on our journey and I was thinking about how much the world has changed since 2011 and how I've been blessed to have known and performed with Johnny. Life continues on but we have our memories and I wanted to share this weeks thoughts with the remembrance of a good friend and incredible guitarist and musician. It was always an incredible experience, being up on stage performing with Johnny at the Saloon for a packed house with people dancing to roadhouse blues, and one I will cherish forever. Johnny taught me a lot about music, guitar, blues, performing, and life in general. He was definitely someone I believed and trusted and someone that gave me so much inspiration in my life! The last time I saw him, I had walked in the Saloon and he was up performing on stage and he saw me and called me up on stage and handed me his guitar and told me to take a solo right on the spot! That’s the kind of person he was, unselfish and full of life! We will always miss and remember you Johnny! Your friend, Andre DeVito RIP- Johnny T. Nitro- Bay Area Blues Guitarist and Friend 1952-2011 SF Gate Article: Clip from 2009 performance-

Johnny Nitro and Andre at the Saloon in SF, North Beach If the only prayer you said in your whole life was, Thank You, that would suffice. - Meister Eckhart Men are rich only as they give. He who gives great service gets great rewards. ~ Elbert Hubbard Could we see when and where we are to meet again, we would be more tender when we bid our friends goodbye. - Ouida

Johnny Nitro & Andre at Lou’s Pier 47, SF More articles on Johnny Nitro-

Article by Johnny Ace in the Golden Gate Blue Issue (See PDF Below)

Golden-Gate-Grooves-Issue-009- Johnny Ni
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  • Andre D.

Recently my wife asked me the other day, what my greatest childhood memory was? It's weird but I had to sit back and think about it for a while and couldn't come up with a definitive answer so quickly. To be honest I still don't have a specific favorite one, but maybe it was some of my Christmases with my family and cousins where we would go nuts and have fun running around my grandma's house. Or maybe it was in 5th grade when our school went on a weeklong adventure at Outdoor Ed (YMCA Camp Jones Gulch) in the mountains between La Honda and Santa Cruz. Our entire 5th grade class got to go as a group and also with some neighboring schools and it was bananas. We stayed up late and told funny stories and just acted like wild kids and had some amazing times. Also remember a camping trip when I was like 12 where we went to Russian River for the week and I just had a blast meeting the other families, swimming, enjoying the campfire and just got to be a kid.

It was interesting thinking of some of these memories that one of my childhood friends' names popped into my head and someone I'd lost touch with many years ago. He had a distinct name and so I decided to see if I could locate him on social media, but when I tried to locate him he was nowhere to be found. After some deeper internet searching which turned up almost nothing, I was sort of dumbfounded and then finally an article multiple pages deep in the search from many years ago popped up with his name. Apparently he had been in some trouble and was arrested and in the article was a picture of him and when I saw the picture I knew it was him. My heart dropped. What had happened to him? How did he end up in this situation? I'm not sure I'll ever know the answers but it made me realize a couple things. One is that life is tough and very real and seeing this was a reminder. We all struggle with ups and downs and I just have to feel blessed to be here today especially with all that we are dealing with in humanity. The second thing I thought about was that we all have different paths and when we are younger and are all in school together we feel like we will always be there as a group and things will be the same. As we realize when we get older nothing is the same and life is full of constant change. We all have different starting points and factors that might affect our long term directions in life, and we all do the best we can with what we have. When we are kids we are full of ambition and ideas and the world is at our fingertips, but then when we get older life is there waiting to give us a good kick in the ass. It's not easy and we have to struggle and fight to find our path and place in this world. I'm just thankful that I had enough sense to follow my heart and am lucky to be where I am today. The path of life is never straight but we must continue on our path and recognize that while things may be a certain way now, they might not be that way always and while we are here we can still be kind to each other.

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