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  • Andre D.

Sometimes You've Got to Push on Through

The other day my gas and fuel door release switch in my Honda Civic ceased to work and thus I had no choice but to replace it since I could no longer open my gas tank door. I did some preliminary research and was able to locate some information and videos about reinstalling the wire and switch and determined I'd give it a shot to order and try it myself. So I began and went to work on opening up much of the floor and side carpet panels and also removing the rear seats and opening the trunk inside panels to get to the fuel input pipe on the side of the car. The video made it sound so easy and you just turn the switch some and out it pops. LOL That did not happen, and in fact I began to pry and yank the wire every which way in an effort to pry or pop it out. Nothing seemed to work and after breaking off half the switch was left perplexed. I noticed there was an extra piece holding the switch in place in the fuel door panel and nothing I could do would pry it loose. I was done, and tired and was ready to give up. But I started thinking to take a step back and try to do some more research. I then found a schematics and Honda service manual of my year and model and it that showed that my Civic had an extra component installed, and the only way to remove that extra piece in the fuel door was to remove the rear wheel and inside panel to take it out from the inside. I said screw it, lets do this, and pushed on. I had my boy come help me, so he could learn about working on cars and within minutes we had removed the piece and had the new switch installed.

It took a couple adjustments to get it right, but finally after 4 hours and a lot of headaches, we were finally able to get it installed and working properly. So my cost was only $30 for the part, but a gain of great knowledge and experience from getting my hands dirty and learning something new. Even though I could've easily given up, I pushed on through and kept going, and in life sometimes we've got to do that to get where we want to get.

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